marți, 29 ianuarie 2013

Scenario: World Holocaust

What would we do if we receive an attack from some powerfull forces and would destroy almost everything on the surface of the earht?If we are among of  few survivors,we found that we no longer have hope and  technology that helps oure lifes.

Without cars.
Without electricity.
Without automated factories.
Without drugs.
Without phonecalls.
Without Internet.

Today we depend tremendously of small and large inventions.But we depend as same as much of automation.
We wake up in the morning, and make the coffee on the stove
We quickly take the chil lof a sandwich in the microwave 
We go to work with the car or  the bus
There,we give a few phone calls and work with the computer
And in the evening when we arrive home we stay a little bit  on the internet

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